La Cámara da la bienvenida a nuestro nuevo socio: Sysarb AB

We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Spanish-Swedish chamber of commerce, Sysarb AB.

Sysarb has for almost 20 years helped clients create transparent, rewarding, and successful organizations through the power of pay equity.

Our mindset is centered around "Equal Pay for Equal Work" and today, Sysarb is one of the fastest growing HR-tech companies in Europe, empowering over 500 clients within 60+ counties with our unique product portfolio.

We help companies become compliant with the EU Pay Transparency Directive and we have been pioneering the field of pay transparency using data, technology and experts to inform, inspire and motivate action in creating equitable and transparent workplaces. Start building an equitable workplace that retains top talent, lower legal risks, and increase employee engagement - all through Sysarbs all-in-one Pay Transparency platform.

We are honoured to have Sysarb join the list of members and looking forward to our future endeavours. 

Visit Sysarb AB website at: