Handelskammaren välkomnar vår nya medlem: Spanienkonsulten

We are pleased to welcome Spanienkonsulten as members of the Spanish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Spanienkonsulten was founded in 2012 on Gran Canaria. Today, they offer their services across the beautiful Spain. Their mission and passion are to make life easier for families, retirees, and entrepreneurs choosing to relocate from Sweden to sunny Spain.

Their team comprises skilled experts in Spain integration, interpretation, translation, auditing, and law, with proficiency in both Swedish and Spanish, as well as English. Together with their outstanding partners, they strive to provide a comprehensive and tailored set of services for their clients.

Spanienkonsulten works tirelessly to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to Spanish life and is ready to stand by the customer's side throughout the journey.

They specialize in personalized consultancy services and offer a wide range of administrative services that customers may need before, during, and after their move to Spain. Their offerings also include customized individual courses, e-books, and online courses tailored to each individual's needs.

Feel free to reach out to Spanienkonsulten for more information and pricing.

They aim to make their customers' transition to Spain as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Discover more about Spanienkonsulten below: